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Call Now to Start Losing Weight Soon!

With Massachusetts Medical Weight Loss Programs there is :

  • No Counting Calories 
  • No Spending Thousands on Food 
  • No Strenuous Exercise
  • No Starvation 

We can help you lose weight where other programs have failed.

  • Have you tried to modify your eating ?
  • Have you tried eating special food ?
  • Have you tried strenuous exercise ?

But still can’t lose weight?

We have Medically Supervised Programs that will help you Lose Weight Soon!

There are two reasons why most diets fail.   

We at Massachusetts Medical Weight Loss Center believe we have solved both of them. 

1. You get hungry. Carbohydrate and sugars are very addicting and when 

you limit them you get hungry. You end up coming home at the end of 

the day and say “ I worked hard today… I’m hungry and I’m going to 

eat”. There goes your diet! 

2. You Have Less Energy.   At Mass Medical Weight Loss Centers we use B-12

 injections that also contain other Amino Acids to give you more energy and help

 process the fat you are melting away. 

Weight Loss Made Simple!

Combine the two and you have a winning combination to help you lose the

weight you want. .. Whether you want to lose 20 Pounds or 100 Pounds we can HELP!

Call 508-394-4847 today and Start Losing Weight Soon

To learn more about our Medical Weight Loss Center and our caring, compassionate staff keep reading. To jump right to the 2 REASONS MOST DIETS FAIL AND WHY, CLICK HERE

Our Medical and Natural Health team serves Cape Cod.  Whether you need to lose 10, 20, 30, 50 or more pounds or simply work on some trouble areas, we can help!   Our Medical team will make you feel comfortable while designing a program that will work for YOUR needs.   Our complete weight loss approach addresses fat loss, blood sugar control, appetite control, body sculpting and body composition can help you look and feel better than you have in years!

At your first visit to one office our Medical team members consisting of Medical Doctors will perform a consultation and full evaluation to determine your health status and tailor a customized weight loss programs that is best for you.  After your evaluation we will spend the time you need reviewing your results to determine how we can rapidly help you reach your weight loss goals.

Complete patient education is something we take pride in.  Too often, patients visit a Medical or weight loss center and leave feeling like their questions were not answered and without having a full understanding of their treatment options and expectations.

We will spend the time with you to help you to feel fully informed about your condition and available treatment options, even if we can’t help you!

“I think you will be happy after your first appointment knowing that you were treated with the utmost care and compassion while addressing your personal weight loss concerns”

​Please be aware that results may vary!

Mass Medical Weight Loss Center

Dr. Joseph Palma, M.D.

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